Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Build Custom Spark Plug Wires

#1 Route wires.
I like using Taylor Cable  looms. 

Tools needed
spark plug wire crimpers, needle nose pliers, side cutters and WD40

clip a connector on cap
cut wire 3/4" longer than needed 

insert wire into crimper/stripper leaving 3/4" sticking out

wire should look like this after stripping

fold inner wire back

place connector over wire, making sure inner wire is at the top of connector.
slightly squeeze connetor on wire to keep it in place

insert into crimper, making sure connector in properly located

this is what it will look like crimped
install wire on cap and repeat 7 more times

spray WD40 into boot

insert needle nose pliers into boot

work the pliers in & out while twisting the boot a few times.
you will be able to feel when ready.

push connector into boot and repeat 7 more times

Your finished. Now grab a cold drink, sit back and enjoy not having ugly plug wires.

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